2011 Cadillac SRX Live in Paris Auto Show photos and price details

Cadillac SRX
The Cadillac SRX is in the design of the early 2009 featured U.S. version to Europe. The SRX is powered by a 3.0-liter V6-powered, direct injection and 262 hp. Power is transmitted via a six-speed automatic.
The all-wheel drive in the SRX includes an electronic locking limited slip differential (ELSD), with the torque as needed along the rear axle from one side to the other and is

2011 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid Live Paris Auto Show

Cadillac blows to restart in Germany. Even the big Escalade is offered again. In addition to the 409-hp 6.2-liter V8 is now a hybrid model with the two-mode system is offered by General Motors.
The Escalade hybrid in 2008 was already at the Geneva Motor Show, but did not on the market.

Accident Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 SV-4 in Germany

After you have changed the oil in a Lamborghini Murcielago SuperVeloce, two mechanics at a service in Germany thought it would be good to do a test. There's nothing wrong with that as long as the whole of the test returns bolide.

Only here was not the case. Italian supercar, that hides under the hood 670 "balky horses, was very seriously damaged, the damage caused is 400,000 euros. At least

New Lotus Elite Live Paris Auto Show 2010 live photos

start stop system standard on the Ford Ka both petrol and diesel version.

This is the new Ka for the Paris Salon, Stop & Start than everybody expected. Because the little Ford shares its powertrain with the Fiat 500, 500 which has a Stop & Start! So here it is under the hood of the Ford Ka. The system includes a sophisticated battery, starter and alternator stronger more powerful. Of course, the module voltage stabilization and sensor control the battery state of

German Vettel wins Japanese F1 Grand Prix 2010

Tokyo, Oct 10 German Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) today won the Japanese Grand Prix Formula One, held at Suzuka Circuit.

Vettel won the victory with a time of 1:30.27.323 hours to leave behind his team mate Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso Spanish (Ferrari), who crossed the line nine hundredths and 2.7 seconds, respectively, of Germany.

The Red Bull dominated the race without too much trouble

Top Secret Project : Sultan Google test driverless car

Google is testing a car driving without a driver. In his blog explains the tests he has done over 250,000 km of streets and highways of America. The company has equipped a car Toyota Prius with a complex system of radars and sensors using maps prepared specifically for the experience have circulated in Mountain View, San Francisco and Hollywood.
From the evidence there is a video testimony by

2011 New Ford Fiesta Kinetic Design

The new Kinetic Design Ford Fiesta is a new conception of Ford for this vehicle, offering a striking design and high level of equipment, which will initially only in hatchback model and a single version.
The model will 120 hp 1.6-liter engine and 5 speed manual gearbox, it accelerates from 0 to 100 in 11.5 seconds and give a top speed of 190 km / h. It also has 7 airbags, electric sunroof and a

Mercedes Benz Recall 2010 Around 85,000 Cars Due to Potential Steering Problems details

Mercedes-Benz is recalling around 85,000 of its luxury cars due to potential steering problems.

The recalled vehicles include 2010 Mercedes C-Class sedans as well 2010 and 2011 E-Class Coupe and Cabriolet models.

The German automaker is reporting that its possible the steering systems of the cars could “fail due to the loss of power steering fluid,” sending the driver out of control.


2011 Bentley Mulsanne live 2010 Paris Motor Show

The first steps of the Bentley Mulsanne was in Frankfurt in autumn 2009. The flagship of the winged B Paris Mondial currently exposed, while the first copies are about to be delivered.

The replacement of the old Arnage is effective. The latter, whose production was halted in late 2009, has now dropped on a descent route. Repeatedly treated in our columns, the Mulsanne was a reversal of the

Jaguar C-X75 concept production new live photos Paris 2010

The C-X75 is of Jaguar racing cars like the C-and D-Types of the 1950s and the Le Mans prototype XJ13 inspired from 1966. What it fundamentally differs from the old models: In the sports car body, there is no conventional internal combustion engine because the C-X75 is electric. The all-wheel drive super sports car has a top speed of 330 km / h and features according to the manufacturer alone

SPESIFIKASI Honda City Ekslusif Tampil Mewah

SPESIFIKASI Honda City Ekslusif Tampil Mewah

Honda's Indian division had a surprise for fans of All New City. Low-end sedans made by Honda that appears edition of "Exclusive" him.

Exclusive Honda City is a new variant to the lineup of Honda City in India. Some changes can be found on this car.

"Honda City is the most successful brand in this country. City Exclusive aimed to satisfy our

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Pajero Platinum Edition

SPESIFIKASI Mitsubishi Pajero Platinum Edition

Mitsubishi Motors Australia, introduced the SUV Pajero Platinum Edition. Vehicles are in order to offer styling and specification which has been enhanced.

Pajero platinum edition is based on GLX models 2010 and equipped with several upgrades on the exterior. For example, privacy glass, door handles and body-colored mirrors, chrome radiator grille

Submitted by Triumph Speed Triple 2011

The British company Triumph introduced a bike Speed Triple 2011 motor show in Cologne (Germany), which became lighter and more powerful than its predecessor. The motorcycle has become easier for approximately 3 kg, reaching 214 kg total weight.

In addition to new chassis, the 1050cc three-cylinder engine has been upgraded to 111 Nm of torque at 7,500 rpm, but maximum power is stagnant - 128 hp

2011 Volkswagen Eos Coupe-cabriolet has a new Led lights

Volkswagen is distributed official information on the updated coupe-cabriolet Eos, which will be presented to the public in November at the Motor Show in Los Angeles. Car sales in the European market will begin in January next year.
Volkswagen, the Eos coupe-cabriolet technically revised, enriched with new features and updated design. The look of the Eos now follows the current design language

Paris Auto Modification Show | AUTOMOTIVE

Auto Show, Car ModficationThis is the Megane Trophy, a continuation of the legendary racer from Renault. Destined to race in a single-make race series, Renault released the racer after releasing the comparatively boring Megane Coupe at the Paris Motor Show sometime yesterday.
Intended to make a radical statement, the Mégane Trophy features the same mechanicals as the current car, including an FIA-homologated sports-prototype tubular chassis, a mid-rear V6 3.5 24V engine, a semi-automatic gearbox with steering wheel-mounted paddle shift, double wishbone suspension with adjustable dampers and 18-inch wheels and Michelin tyres.

Auto Show, Car ModficationWith it’s roof-mounted air-ducts feeding a new intake manifold, power is increased from 330hp to 360hp. Ensuring the car’s reliability, rebuild intervals are carried out every 5,500km. Combined with the aerodynamic gains of the new composite outer skin, the extra power output of the 3.5-liter V6 engine will enable the Mégane Trophy to make lap times close to the Porsche GT3.

Auto Show, Car Modfication
Auto Show, Car Modfication
Auto Show, Car ModficationParis Auto Modification Show | AUTOMOTIVE

At the end of the year, the Mégane Trophy will be available as an upgrade kit for existing cars. However, the modifications required to adapt the chassis to the new bodywork must be carried out by the Alpine factory in Dieppe.

Dodge Viper got a new logo 2011

Dead or Alive? Not so long ago, Chrysler said that the Dodge Viper is the past, but later appeared to the development of a new version of this popular car, and this week appeared next to this confirmation. Dodge Viper got a new logo.

The new model will be available in 2012, completely redesigned and largely Italian, but more on that later.

Last week, a forum was held owners of Dodge Viper,

Became known details about the Opel Meriva EV 2011

Opel has offered new details about the electric version of the Meriva EV, powered by an electric motor at 82 hp (60 kW), which can offer 215 Nm of torque. The car is equipped with a battery of 16 kWh, which offers a range distance of 64 km with a maximum speed of 130 km / h. Opel Meriva EV battery can be recharged from a standard wall outlet.

"Electric Meriva can become a full production car at

Debuted a hybrid Honda Jazz 2011 Live in Paris

Hybrid Honda Jazz is equipped with a 1.3-liter 87-horsepower gasoline engine, working together with a CVT automatic transmission. Low-power electric motor mounted between the engine and gearbox. Fuel consumption, according to the company, is less than 4.3 liters per hundred, and the level of CO2 emissions below 100 g / km.

Outwardly, environmentally-friendly Honda Jazz is different from the